Photograph of pink and yellow tall flowers in Newcastle Park

About Us

Who are we?

Urban Green Newcastle is a pioneering, independent charity established in collaboation with the local council in 2019.  We are responsible for the management and upkeep of 33 parks and over 60 allotments across the city, as well as nearly 60 buildings within the estate.

We are committed to preserving and breathing new life into Newcastle’s green spaces. With a small but dedicated team, our vision is to encourage more people to enjoy and benefit from the beautiful, open spaces on our doorstep. We aim to create parks and allotments for us all to be proud of which are safe, welcoming, and provide a great environment for both people and nature to thrive.

Urban Green Newcastle's Vision

We want to help in the fight against climate change, and ensure that our parks and allotments are managed in a way which benefits wildlife, conserves our rich heritage, and reduces pollution. We are passionate about creating safe, welcoming and accessible places for everyone to enjoy.

Looking after the parks and allotments costs over 3 million pounds a year.

Two thirds of our income is earned from Urban Green’s activities, ranging from securing grant funding and public donations, to events, café and rental income. One third comes from a core revenue grant from Newcastle City Council. All of this is reinvested into the green spaces of the city.

With support from core partners; Newcastle City Council, the National Trust and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we are working to ensure a sustainable future for the green spaces in our care.

Looking after the 33 parks and over 60 allotment sites in our care doesn’t come without its challenges. Sadly, urban green spaces in the UK attract a variety of anti-social behaviour which is costly to clear up and affects everyone’s enjoyment of their parks.

Anti-social behaviour and arson have cost, this year alone, upwards of £86,000 in the city’s parks, with the most largely targeted areas being the 64 children’s play areas across the city.

We strive for Newcastle’s parks to be safe and welcoming for everyone to enjoy, so we work closely with Newcastle City Council and a wide range of partner organisation to try and reach solutions to these challenges in a way that supports and engages all of those who use the spaces. We are also grateful to work with Friends of Groups, local communities and the people of Newcastle to help make the city’s parks places to be proud of, whether that’s through a range of volunteering opportunities or public reports of unusual activity across the estate.

As you can see from the pie charts above, we also depend on the generosity of public donations. As a small, independent charity we can only achieve good things for the city’s green spaces with the support of local communities and working collaboratively with those who feel connected and committed to the parks as we do. Do you want to help us create parks to be proud of?

Our Paperwork

Read our policies, customer charter, annual reports and more.

Urban Green Connect

Urban Green Connect is a group of passionate and committed people, who meet quarterly to support and advise the organisation on how it can most effectively reach out to local communities, and make sure that parks and allotments are used and enjoyed by as many people as possible. We’re always open to hearing from people who are interested in joining the conversation.

Photograph of four women litter picking in St Lawrences Park, Newcastle. Two in yellow hi-vis vests, and two in blue hi-vis volunteer vests.


Urban Green Newcastle could not function as we do without our wonderful volunteer team, who help us to make our parks and greenspaces the best they can be for both people and wildlife to enjoy.

You don’t need any particular skills or experience to be an Urban Green volunteer. All you need is enthusiasm for the task in hand – there really is a volunteering role for everyone!


Find answers to your frequently asked questions about Urban Green Newcastle and the work we do.

Photograph of the original Victorian Bandstand in Exhibition Park, Newcastle. Young family walking along path towards it.