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There’s a greener side to our city.
A vibrant, more open side.

It should be celebrated,
Enjoyed by everyone.

Our allotments and parks are the lungs of our city.
We’re here to breathe new life into them.

We are Urban Green Newcastle.

Here to connect people to nature,
To friendships, to communities.
And make life that little bit sweeter.

We’re all about green, open spaces.
But we’re open in more ways than one.

Open to suggestions,
Better ways of doing things,
Open to festivals, funfairs and the firefly pose.

We’re open to local business,
Open to making a difference,
And openly encourage collaboration.

Together we will enhance our open spaces,
And celebrate our vibrant, green city.

Our Commitment 

We will deliver:

  • Exciting events and venues; arts, cultural and educational activities, as well as opportunities for sport, exercise and play that support health and wellbeing and give local communities the chance to come together, get involved and be proud of where they live.
  • Activities, events and performances that bring new visitors to Newcastle’s shared spaces and encourage more people to access and enjoy the city’s parks and allotments.
  • Free to enter, safe and well-maintained parks and allotments for people all ages, communities and backgrounds to enjoy.

We will:

  • Create opportunities for local people to collaborate and improve the experience of visiting the city’s parks and allotments.
  • Build relationships and work closely with volunteers and groups who share our passion for Newcastle’s parks and allotments.
  • Protect the environment and the city’s thriving wildlife population.
  • Welcome the views of parks and allotment groups and users, and anyone else that wants to contribute to their future.
  • Work with partners to bring income and investment into Newcastle’s parks and allotments.

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