Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision was established collaboratively in 2019

Our Vision

Urban Green Newcastle’s vision is for more people to enjoy and benefit from our beautiful, vibrant open spaces, which are safe, welcoming, and provide a great environment for wildlife and people which is valued by all.

Our Ambitions

Urban Green Newcastle’s ambitions reflect the consultations carried out with the people of Newcastle during the time of transition from Newcastle City Council into a new independent charity.

More people are enjoying beautiful and vibrant open-spaces, and feeling
the benefits to their health and wellbeing and that of their families and
In the future we will see more people of all ages, and from a wide range of backgrounds enjoying the parks and allotments in the city. Our parks will always be free to access and to enjoy. There will be exciting large-scale events and venues, art and cultural activities and opportunities for sport and exercise. We will encourage children and young people to explore nature through educational activities in our parks.

Our parks and allotments are safe and welcoming for all. We will invest in them to create beautiful, clean, safe and well-maintained open spaces. Income from our facilities and activities will be reinvested so that people from all our city’s diverse communities can enjoy our parks and allotments. People notice the difference and public satisfaction is high.

Local people feel connected and committed to our parks and allotments. Our visitors and volunteers are passionate about all of the city’s parks and allotments. We are giving people opportunities to come together, get involved and feel proud of their parks, allotments and green spaces. We offer opportunities for employment and volunteering.

Partner organisations value our parks and allotments and are committed
to helping maintain and develop them.
We will build close relationships with
organisations and businesses in the city and involve as many partners as possible in using and investing in our parks and allotments.

Our parks and allotments will help conserve and improve our environment. We will help in the fight against climate change, and ensure that our parks and allotments are managed in a way which benefits wildlife, conserves our rich heritage, and reduces pollution.