We’re thrilled at Urban Green Newcastle to let you know that we’ll be celebrating the city’s allotments and parks in 2024 with the return of the Newcastle Allotment & Garden Festival! This year, the festival will be held in Exhibition Park, on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September.

Last year’s show in Leazes Park saw people from across the region come together to show off their produce and celebrate growing with a range of activities and entertainment for the whole family.

This year we’re back with another jam packed line-up for the Newcastle Allotment & Garden Festival in Exhibition Park.

With free entry and fun for all the family, this years plans promise an array of activities, workshops, talks, wellbeing sessions, live music and more across the park and Urban Green Cafe!

Keep an eye out for more info coming soon…

We are also delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with our good friends at Urban Park Market for 2024’s festival.

With recent success hosting markets across parks in Newcastle and Gateshead, Urban Park Market will be bringing a selection of the region’s most exciting foodies and traders to Exhibition Park for you to enjoy alongside this year’s events.

Alongside the festival, we will be holding the Annual Allotment Plot Competition again this year and the judging is expected to take place in July / August.  This is a great opportunity to showcase and champion the innovation, hard work and passion that goes into your allotments and greenspaces throughout the city. 

We will also be holding the Annual Show, where green-fingered growers from across the region can enter their best produce to be judged and viewed at this year’s festival.

If you’d like to enter please read a list of Competition Categories, our Information for Entrants pack and fill out a form below.

Get a taste of what to expect with a recap on the 2023 show in Leazes Park below…

The show was a free family event which took place on Saturday 16th September in Leazes Park. Our line-up welcomed Rock Choir NE, Sax on the Tyne, The Belta Reivers and Drumdin to keep us entertained throughout the day. Whilst we also celebrated the Springbank Pavilion programme (in partnership with Newcastle Hospitals Charity) with a Raku kiln on site, willow weaving and foraging crafts. There was also an array of local stall holders, traders and makers, alongside a packed timetable of free workshops and talks from  Mark Ridsdill Smith and green-fingered plot holders from across the city.

Both Urban Green Newcastle and the competition judges were so impressed with the quality and innovation of some of this year’s entries. We were pleased to see so many plot holders celebrating wildlife, encouraging pollinators, supporting sustainable practice, and building essential communities across our city.

You can browse the selection of winners below…

Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best full plot category at the Newcastle Allotment Show 2023. Leafy tree in foreground with wild flower beds and polytunnel visible in background. Grey, almost stormy skies and red tiled rooftops also visible in background

Best Full Plot

1st Place: Moorside, Plot 74 – Jean Hannon

“Meticulous attention to detail always with production, pollination and aesthetics in mind striking a most wonderful balance. Jean is a self-taught talent who practically lives and breathes this garden and her love for nature shines through, giving this plot one of the highest scores to date.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Three Mile, Plot 48b/49a – Yee & Kun-Tai Yau

3rd Place: Thropton Terrace, Plot 9/10 – Bob Nicholson & Vera Hill

Best Half Plot

1st Place: Littlemoor, Plot E – Helen Giblin-Jowett

“A really well maintained half plot with creativity jumping out of the garden showing a level of enthusiasm to merge food production, pollination, and attractive features.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Thropton Terrace, Plot 1 – Brian Hill

3rd Place: Moorside, Plot 80a – Susan Davies

Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best half plot category at the Newcastle Allotment Show 2023. Woodchip in foreground with bed of giant daisies in front of raised bed with running plants grown up a height. Blue skies, evening light and rooftops visible in background
Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best quarter plot category at the Newcastle Allotment Show 2023. Raised bed of large green leaves in foreground, raised bed of white show onions being grown on right hand side and black wooden shed at rear.

Best Quarter Plot

1st Place: Springfield, Plot 10 – Ray & Irene Turnbull

“This is an exemplar plot for an urban site, displaying clean and efficient use of a tiny space while also providing colour and attractive features. Most striking however was the pure quality and astounding size of the produce.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: High West Jesmond, Plot 2b – Mark Butcher

3rd Place: Thropton Terrace, Plot 8 – Della Hadingham

Best Group or Community Plot

1st Place: St Anthonys, Plot 1 – New Beginnings North East/NGage

“The sheer people power behind this community garden is wonderfully encouraging, with a dedicated staff team that help all sorts of groups benefit from this spacious food-farm-come-sensory-playground. What has been created here caters to any young person needing the healing of the outdoors and growing plants, and the lavender biscuit factory is a sure way to teach the ‘welly to belly’ ethos.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Walkergate Hospital – Percy Hedley

3rd Place: Armstrong, Plot 67 – Blind Ambitions

Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best group/community category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. People gathered around bed with trellis, flowers and sensory elements on sunny day.
Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best shed category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. Shelves of gardening tools and chemicals sat on workbench next to camping stove with chrome stovetop kettle and first aid kit box. Black and white photo of the rat pack and vintage west ham football scarf pinned to wooden wall.

Best Shed

1st Place: Thropton Terrace, Plot 1 – Brian Hill

“The amount of love and time that oozes from Brian’s shed is the ideal blend of practicality and feeling ‘at home’. This shed really allows one to sample how invigorating it is for gardening to have a place to re-group, rest, observe, ponder and enjoy the fruits of your labour.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Moorside, Plot 14 – Rachel Richmond

3rd Place: Three Mile, Plot 35b – Chris Hopkins

Best Organic Plot

1st Place: Three Mile, Plot51b – Julian & Janet Thomas

“Superb use of space with plants packed into every well thought out position displaying an acute knowledge of companion planting – the best we’ve seen. This plot displays expert understanding of working with nature, proving that food production can thrive in less linear style gardening.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Benwell Lane, Plot 35 – Alan Parker

3rd Place: Armstrong, Plot 24 – Hamish Dow

Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best organic plot category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. Close up of green vegetation with yellow flowers and pink foxglove in foreground.
Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the most wildlife friendly category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. Small patch of lawn in left-hand foreground edges beds bursting with colourful wildflowers. Tiled path along right hand side leads to greenhouse and polytunnel in background, sat just in front of a line of thick trees.

Most Wildlife Friendly

1st Place: Three Mile Plot, 69 – Peter & Ann Wilson

“Truly a wonderland for a myriad of creatures made to feel naturally drawn to this plot that’s tucked in the shaded corner of the site. The plot winds its way between different habitats made for wildlife yet in between are very productive patches of exceptional quality vegetables along with a polytunnel for Peter’s love of leek growing. This plot is always trying out new ways to improve the haven, so we look forward to experiencing the re-positioning of the pond next year.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Moorside, Plot 66 – Frank Lightfoot

3rd Place: Benwell Lane, Plot 7 – Jane Fremont

Best Newcomer or Family Plot

1st Place: Duffield East, Plot 29 – Simon Smith

“The enthusiasm to learn and execute a wide variety of gardening skills is palpable on this plot, using unique structures and efficient composting as if it comes naturally. A delight to witness solid food production alongside no fear of experimentation.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Three Mile, Plot 2a – Chris Smith

3rd Place: Armstrong – Plot 2b – Robert Pease

Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best newcomer/family category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. Flagstone path branches off either side between raised beds. Picnic bench, mini polytunnel and Greenhouse visible on left hand side. beds of greenery and mini polytunnel in foreground on right hand side
Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best whole site category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. bed of greenery in flowers in foreground. picnic bench on paved area in background in front of pair of greenhouses

Best Whole Site

1st Place: Thropton Terrace

“Although considered a small site relative to the others in the city, it is not unlike a cherry tomato that is bursting with flavour. This site is the epitome of ‘community’ as all the gardeners here work together in a harmony all communities can be aspired by. The homely feel of the communal hut with a brand-new patio which they all worked together on really makes you understand why they seem like busy bees in the wider community with their fresh plant stall tables and always keen to get involved at city level with shows and events.”

Judges Comments

2nd Place: Three Mile

3rd Place: Benwell Lane

Most Improved Site

1st Place: Walkergate Hospital Allotments

“A magical turn around from last year see’s this urban site adjoining the hospital become well-manicured, welcoming and interactive. the community area is something to behold with properly managed beehives and a raised bed garden created for certain disability groups from the hospital to learn about plants. The all-weather community log cabin has become a classroom with resources for people to learn about the bees, wildlife and plants through nature craft activities.”

Judges Comments
Photograph of allotment plot awarded 1st place in the best improved site category at the Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2023. Polytunnel stretches along right hand side behind flurry of busy, brightly coloured flower beds. Shed in background on left hand side against green hedge

You can learn more about our involvement in allotment sites across the city here.