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London was crowned the world’s first National Park City in July 2019 following a six year campaign that saw its residents and businesses commit to make the capital a city where people, places and nature are better connected.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, joined partners from across the city to sign the London National Park City Charter, which sets out the city’s aims, values and ways of working, and explains how individuals, groups and organisations can take action together to:

  • Enjoy London’s great outdoors more
  • Make the city greener, healthier and wilder
  • Promote London’s identity as a National Park City


What is a National Park City?

A National Park City is a shared vision and journey for a better life. Everyone in a National Park City is able to benefit and contribute everyday.

National Park Cities aim to make our urban centres rich with nature and a place where everyone benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors.

It’s about reimagining our view of cities as places full of industrial sites, houses, roads and railway lines, and instead seeing them as a tapestry of gardens, rivers, parks, woodland, nature reserves, canals, meadows, woodland, allotments, streams and lakes.


Newcastle National Park City

It’s our ambition to see Newcastle named the UK’s next National Park City.

To do that we need to start a grassroots campaign, led by communities with support from businesses and organisations, to make cities greener, healthier, wilder, and connect people to nature.

It’s about creating a movement where everyone feels they can contribute and make a difference to where they live.

We’ve already run three consultation events with the people of Newcastle and regional businesses/organisations to ask:

  • Why should Newcastle campaign to become a National Park City? What could we achieve?
  • What ten things would we like to see change in Newcastle by becoming a National Park City?
  • What would Newcastle’s National Park City Charter look like?


Next steps

We plan to run more consultation events so we can gauge people’s appetite to become a National Park City. Is it something, as a city, we want to do?

We will prepare a draft National Park City Charter that sets out our aims, values and ways of working, and we will form a leadership team / organising committee to drive the campaign forward.



How to get involved

If you would like to know more about Newcastle National Park City, or play an active role in the delivery of the Newcastle National Park City campaign please sign up to our newsletter (please remember to tick the box to say you’re interested in receiving information about Newcastle National Park City).

We will be in touch soon to advise on next steps. If you have any immediate questions, please email




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