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Our Proposed Site - Harbottle Park, Walker Road, NE6 2DD

As part of the North East Community Forest we propose to work with volunteers and the community to help us plant trees at Harbottle Park.

Urban Green Newcastle, an independent charity, is responsible for the management and upkeep of this park, which is bounded by Walker Road to the south and Ayton Street to the north.

This tree planting would be Urban Green Newcastle’s first woodland planting as part of the new North East Community Forest initiative.

We believe planting trees in this park will bring a range of benefits to the locality including mitigating climate change, provide additional habitat for wildlife and new areas of woodland for people to enjoy.

Where could trees be planted?

We have identified a number of potentially suitable locations for planting, with blocks of what could be small woodland individually numbered to make it easier for you to tell us your thoughts, whether for or against. Details of these areas are below, with a map of the site and locations:

  • Woodland 1 – Next to an existing wood at the south western boundary of the park
  • Woodland 2 – Next to an existing wood at the centre of the southern boundary
  • Woodland 3 – Next to an existing wood at the south eastern boundary of the park

When would trees be planted?

Planting will take place in the 2021/22 winter planting season (November 2021 to March 2022), with work most likely taking place in February 2022.

How big would the trees be?

The trees will be planted as ‘whip’ size (around 30cm or 12 inches tall), but they will grow into larger trees and form a woodland as they mature.

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