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New ‘smart’ bins will help keep city’s parks litter free

Jon Riley, Operations Director, pictured with one of the ‘smart’ bins inside Jesmond Dene.

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust is currently installing new smart bins in parks across the city to help tackle littering and improve the efficiency of bin collections.

The new larger bins include a sensor that alerts Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust when they near capacity, ensuring they don’t become full or overflowing.

James Cross, Chief Executive of Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust, said: “Keeping our parks litter free is hugely important if we want them to remain the vibrant and inviting spaces they are today.

“The new bins we’re installing are not only bigger, they’ll also tell us when they need to be emptied so we can direct bin collections to the areas that need it most. It’s a more cost effective and efficient approach to managing litter across our parks.

“Another benefit of the new bins is that, over time, we’ll know which parks, and even which particular bins, are most used so we can put resource where it’s needed. We’re also exploring how our park users can help us recycle more of the litter that’s disposed of in our parks.

“This is a great example of the new innovative approach we’ll be taking to managing and looking after our city’s parks and allotments.”

The new smart bins send an alert when they reach 80% capacity so a collection can be organised. They are already having a positive impact in the parks they’ve been installed.

James continued: “Litter is one of the things I know upsets park users the most, that’s why we’ve addressed it head on.

“Over the coming weeks, people will see the new bins arrive in most of the city’s 33 parks. We’re confident they will make a big difference and I’d welcome people’s feedback.”

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