Beat the Heat – Top tips for keeping cool during the heatwave

Beat the Heat

As temperatures soar we know everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat! The city’s green spaces are open to everyone looking to make the most of the good weather and we want to help you enjoy the heatwave safely. 

As well as advising you to stick to the shade, drink plenty of water, and enjoy a cold treat at one of our Urban Green Cafés, we asked our staff to provide some of their best advice and top tips for keeping cool this summer. 

Beat the Heat at Home

Carol Pyrah, our new CEO shared a tip for anyone with sash windows at home or in the office. “The trick with sash windows is to open the top and the bottom sashes the same amount.? This creates a flow of air in and out of a room, and shows what a technological wonder the sash window is.” 

Richard, our Business Manager, also recommends using ice to keep cool by placing a bowl of ice water in front of any fans. Doing this makes sure they’re circulating cold air and moisture rather than blowing a load of hot air. 

Ann is our Fundraising Manager and has spent some time living abroad. There she learnt to close the curtains and blinds on extra hot days and only open the windows if there’s a breeze. She also encouraged sticking to the shady side of the street wherever possible to stay out of the direct sun. 

Keep Yourself Cool

Programme Manager, Steven, points out that while drinking hot drinks in hot weather might sound strange, it actually helps you to cool down quicker by increasing your body temperature to make you sweat more effectively. 

Jack, Community Engagement Coordinator, is a Cub Leader and shared the advice he always tells his troop. “Remember “the three S’s” Slip, slap, slurp! Slip on a hat and cap! Slap on the sunscreen! Slurp lots of water!” 

Our Events Coordinator, Diana, reminded those who are using cold flannels, or ice packs to beat the heat that they should make sure they put them on their wrists. This is where your blood supply is close to the skin for a quicker cool down. 

Casarina’s Top Tips

Our Commercial Assistant, Casarina, also has plenty of experience with hot weather overseas while living in Canada. She shared a whole host of tips including;  

Pet-specific tips: 

  • Keep your pets/animal friends hydrated and cool, and off hot pavement/stone  
  • Some animals really enjoy cooling pads. They can be used as-is or put into a fridge/freezer briefly to cool down further.
  • Use a damp towel to help cool your furry pet, and/or wet your hands or a brush to stroke them – especially if they shed 
  • Get familiar with and watch for signs of heat-stroke in your pets! And get vet attention immediately if they are experiencing any issues 
  • Lastly, even the most energetic pets can experience heat fatigue – best to avoid doing long walks, hikes, etc. during the heat wave 

Household hacks: 

  • If your house lacks blackout curtains, flatten cardboard taped around the window can do the do the trick  
  • If you’re using a portable AC – it’s much easier to cool a single room than a whole house or flat. If possible, figure out which room to keep cool and hang out there 
  • Prepare some cool towels to sleep with – e.g. freezing some small hand towels– seems weird but when it’s 45 degrees out, you do it!  

In your community: 

  • Check on your community! Especially people who are elderly, disabled and/or live alone! – offer to share cool spaces, or help them access space with AC.  
  • Long-term: advocate your local neighbourhoods to plant more greenery and vegetation – it makes a huge difference in heat levels! 

Protecting Pollinators

As well as caring for yourself and your pets, the Beelines North East team had some top tips for caring for our pollinators in your local green spaces during the heatwave. You can help them by creating shady spots in your garden or on your windowsills. This gives them a chance to take a rest out of the sun. And don’t forget to provide shallow pools of water where they can find a refreshing drink to wash all that pollen down! 

We hope these tips and tricks help you soak up the sun safely. If you’re trying out some of our advice then why not take a picture and tag us on Facebook and Twitter at @urbangreenncl