Blossom Together comes to Exhibition Park

North Kenton Park

Today (24 April) marks the first national #BlossomWatch Day as part of the National Trust‘s blossom campaign. Their campaign also includes the creation of beautiful green spaces in and near urban areas to connect more people to nature and to create spaces for hope and reflection as the UK looks forward, and we’re proud to share the news that Exhibition Park will be one of the first sites outside London to take part in the Blossom Together project.

Local residents will be able to use the new area of blossom as a quiet place for reflection, peace and enjoyment. Through Urban Green Park Action we will be asking our park users for their stories from the pandemic, as well as their suggestions for how the spaces will be used for things like events, social gatherings, workshops, festivals and exhibitions.

Barbara Hooper, Director, Parks and Allotments said: “We know how much our parks have been valued by the people of the city throughout the pandemic, so Urban Green Newcastle is delighted to be working with the National Trust to make our parks even more beautiful and welcoming going forwards. This project will not only create a wonderful spring blossom display in Exhibition Park each year but will also help bring people together for commemoration and healing.”

Hilary McGrady, Director General at the National Trust added: “Our vision is for nature, beauty and history for everyone. Our simple ambition with this project is to bring all of these elements together in the creation of green, nature-rich havens in the very heart of urban areas which are also beautiful and inspiring spaces that people can use.  

The scheme is supported in part by players of People’s Postcode Lottery and the charity will also be actively fundraising to plant more tree circles. For more information or to make a donation, visit

You can also take part in #BlossomWatch Day today by sharing your blossom images on social media, and tagging your location, to be added to an interactive digital map which will chart the progress of blossom across the country.