Meet our rabbits

This week we’ve been celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week in Pets Corner. Our rabbits are firm favourites with our visitors, and the focus of our current Summer at Pets Corner fundraising campaign, so we thought we would tell you a little more about their stories and how they came to join us at Pets Corner.

Meet Stan & Ollie – These lovely brothers were abandoned and found by two children. We took them in as members of our Pets Corner family in 2019. They are both 3 years old. Stan is loving, nosey and mischievous. Ollie is cheeky and fun-loving. Stan and Ollie have now grown in independence, and they want their own space and their own girlfriends! In fact, Ollie has already found a girlfriend…
Meet Babbit – Pretty Babbit is a 7-year-old female. She was given to the RSPCA when her previous owner could no longer look after her. We took her is as a member of our Pets Corner family in 2017. Babbit had some difficulty fitting in at first, but more recently Ollie has paired up with her and with lots of hard work, love and attention from the Pets Corner staff, things are going well. Babbit loves to zoom around and play, but she can be very protective over her toys!
Meet Beetle Bug – Beetle Bug was abandoned by the side of a road in 2020. The RSPCA came to his rescue and Pets Corner welcomed him as a new family member soon after. He is 3 years old, and he is friendly, affectionate, and clever. He loves to be stroked and groomed and can often be seen lying fully extended on blankets! Beetle Bug also has a new girlfriend: meet Happy
Meet Happy – One year old Happy is our most recent arrival. She came to us in March 2021 from the RSPCA centre as a lone rabbit. She acquisitive and curious and is really enjoying life now she has found a friend in Beetle Bug.

This Summer your donations will help us to update our rabbit housing and run-around / shaded areas to keep our rabbits happy, stimulated, and protected from the hot summer sun!