Meet the Team: Malcolm McKenna

Malcolm McKenna

Malcolm is our new Sports and Activities Officer who joined the team this month. He’s been sharing with us his love of cycling, dad-dancing and all things football!

What did you do before you joined Urban Green Newcastle? 

Various roles within my career but last role was Insurance Fraud Investigator.

Do you have a specialist subject? 

90’s Italian football.

What’s your best piece of advice for home gardeners? 

For home gardeners I have always been keen on developing my garden and best advice is to take your time, gardening is a great way to relax. Take before, during and after pictures of your creation to help see the development.

Why did you want to work for Urban Green Newcastle?

After deciding on the plan for my career I wanted to ensure the company I work for met my aims and Urban Green fit perfectly with my ambitions.

Do you have a favourite green space in the city?

Before working here, I lived close to Leazes Park and I loved walking and relaxing within the park, Since I have started my commute riding through Jesmond Dene has been amazing to cycle through.

What was your dream job as a child?

Typical young boy I wanted to be a footballer.

What would your ideal weekend be like?

A warm but not too hot weekend, starting with Friday night kitchen disco (plenty of dad dancing) with my wife Deb and daughter Kathryn or a Friday night movie. Saturday morning bike ride then nice food and chill in the garden followed by drinks with friends and family, Sunday morning seeing my football team win (I run a men’s football team) then chicken Sunday dinner, chill time with the family including walking my dog Cece she is a Weimaraner then relax ready for a hard-working week.

What do you do outside of work?

Hobbies are cycling, football (have been a Newcastle Supporter since forever and had a season ticket from 1984 until recently) As I run a football club have been learning more about media and design so really enjoy video editing and graphic design. Love all kind of music very eclectic. I really like traveling to different cities.

What 3 movies would you recommend? 

Walter Mitty

In Bruges (if you don’t mind swearing)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

What’s a surprising fact about you? 

I was the youngest member of the sea cadets in Hebburn that won the regional finals and went to a national guard competition aged 11. (Rifle was nearly as big as me haha).