Meet the Team: Steven Legget

Steven Legget

Steven is our Programme Manager, bringing his creative problem solving skills to a range of projects and systems to help everyone at Urban Green collaborate and develop exciting new plans. Outside of work he also loves to create music and spend down time exploring the city’s green spaces with his dog Otis.

What did you do before UGN? 

I was the Exhibition and Events Technical Project Manager for London College of Fashion. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

No one day is the same, it can range from reviewing progress of our projects, coaching people of project systems, on-site hands-on project management of building redevelopments, site visits to vacant buildings, to creating design specifications for physical projects.  

Do you have a specialist subject? 

Creative problem solving! 

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

I’d say the people, the charity has attracted some interesting, very talented and passionate people, all of which want to be here.  

I’d also say the varied challenges of being part of a relatively young start-up, our innovative approach to managing and developing our parks through grant funded initiatives such as the Beelines Project; the positive impact of commercial ventures such as the Urban Green Cafes; the recent redevelopment of buildings such as Springbank Pavilion in Leazes Park which we have converted into vibrant in inclusive creative space; and the interesting varied event program hosted by and also created by our event team.  

Projects and initiatives like these have direct positive impact Newcastle’s communities and I’m proud to support in my role as Programme Manager. 

Why did you want to work for UGN? 

I relocated back to the North East after 7 years working in London, I decided I wanted a role working for an organisation and in a job that had a positive contribution to the community of the region. 

Do you have a favourite green space in the city? 

After working on the Springbank Pavilion project I’ve come to really appreciate Leazes Park. It is Leazes Parks 150th birthday next year, and I’m really interested in seeing how this park develops- it’s got such amazing potential.  

Do you have a favourite plant and/or animal? 

Dogs, love dogs! Recently adopted a dog via a friend in Greece. His name is Otis and he loves the parks, it’s great to see dogs and their families enjoying the parks!  

How do you take your tea/coffee? 

Black coffee, not too much water, never a fan of the pints off coffee you seem to mostly get in the UK now (insert large American coffee chain name here!). The coffee served in Exhibition Park and Leazes are pretty good! Not that I am biased!  

What would your ideal weekend be like? 

On Saturday a long walk with my partner and the hound to decent pub, I love the Cumberland Arms in Byker, great independent pub ran by lovely people, Sunday make a roast dinner listening to music followed by movie strewn on the sofa….I would finish this is off with a long bath, however, we have bought a ‘project house’ that has no bath!  

What’s a surprising fact about you? 

I make electronic music, currently working on a new lp with an old friend.  

I collect field recordings of nature and use them in the music I make, here’s a taste: