Our next phase of North East Community Forest planting with Ringtons Plc

NECF Planting with Ringtons

Through our partnership with Ringtons Plc we’re planting hundreds of trees in Harbottle Park this autumn, expanding our contribution to the North East Community Forest and creating a beautiful avenue of trees along the park’s main walking route.

On Monday 24 October, the team from Ringtons Plc joined our rangers to plant over 1,000 bulbs around the outskirts of the park ready to bloom in full colour next spring. On 19 November they’ll be back on site to help with the mammoth task of planting over 700 trees, along the main path in the park and along its boarders which will form part of the wider North East Community Forest scheme.

Carol Pyrah, our CEO said: “Our team are immensely proud to have contributed so many trees to the North East Community Forest, and we were so happy when our partnership with Ringtons gave us the chance to further our involvement with the scheme.

Ringtons are firmly rooted in the North East and it’s always a pleasure to work with organisations with such strong ties to the region and it’s green spaces.”

Ringtons Plc are delighted to have supported the project, with CEO, Simon Smith saying: “We’re delighted to partner with and support Urban Green Newcastle to mark the Queens Green Canopy and the North East Community Forest.

The North East, and in particular Byker, has a special place in our hearts. It’s where my great-grandfather founded Ringtons, and the area has remained home ever since – for 115 years! It was only right to use this opportunity to honour our late Queen in an area that means so much to us.

We hope everyone in the area enjoys the Spring bulbs and blossom trees as they bloom, and we look forward to returning to the park year after year to watch it grow.”

The North East Community Forest is a 30 year, multi-million-pound project that will see tens of thousands of trees planted and all-new woodland in the region. As part of this scheme our rangers, in partnership with Newcastle City Council and Trees for Cities, have carried out extensive planting in Harbottle Park and Havannah and Three Hills Nature Reserve. This latest planting will bring the total number of trees we have planted as part of the project to 7,750.

To get involved with the planting in Harbottle Park next weekend, come down to the park and head for the Urban Green gazebo to join our volunteer team!