Removal of Walker Park Litter Bins

Burnt out litter bins in Walker Park

Following a spike in anti-social behaviour particularly incidents of arson we have temporarily removed the litter bins in Walker Park. We are working with partners from Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade and Newcastle City Council Community Safety Team to tackle this behaviour and will monitor and review the situation.

We are all too aware of the costs of anti-social behaviour and the impact it has on park users. Having reviewed the costs associated with clearing the debris of arson attacks and anti-social behaviour the charity has paid almost £2000 this year for replacement litter bins and clean up in Walker Park alone. This does not include follow on repairs to resin and tarmac surfaces which will run into thousands of pounds.

We recognise that there may be some additional litter as a result, but we are confident that this can be dealt with quickly through patrols and the support of volunteers and our partners. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you would take your litter home with you in the meantime and would like to ask for your support to report any incidents. To report emergency incidents requiring immediate assistance please dial 999, to report non-emergency incidents please contact 101 or report via the Northumbria Police website.