Share your story of our parks during the pandemic

North Kenton Park

Over the last year our green spaces have been a lifeline for people across city. When everything shutdown, the parks remained open and provided a place to exercise, play or just enjoy a change of scenery. Now that everywhere is starting to open back up, we want to hear about your memories and stories of how your local greenspace helped you through the last year.  

You can share your memories in a variety of different ways, write them down, share a picture of a special moment, or a record a short video.

The stories you share will then be collated and form part of a celebration event at the planting of a new area of Blossom Trees in Exhibition Park as part of the Blossom Together Campaign, which aims to create beautiful green spaces in and near urban areas to connect more people to nature and to create spaces for hope and reflection as the UK looks forward.

So, whether it was watching spring emerge during the first lockdown, or the first picnic with your friends after months of isolation, or maybe it a place to reflect and escape from the pressures of the pandemic, we want to hear how parks and greenspaces helped you through.

You can share your written memories online via Survey Monkey or send your video or film to