Upgrades to Hadrian’s Cycleway in Tyne Riverside Country Park and Walker Riverside Park

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people that uses the famous Hadrian’s Cycleway every year, you’ll be delighted to know that – along with national walking and cycling charity, Sustrans – we have upgraded sections of the popular walking and cycling route at Tyne Riverside Country Park and Walker Riverside Park

As well as upgrading the surface to make it a more enjoyable experience for people using the route, we have widened the path too; from two to three metres at Walker Riverside Park (beside the Newcastle Quayside), and up to four metres wide through the Tyne Riverside Country Park.

The improvement works have been carried out as part of Sustrans’ UK-wide programme to create ‘Paths for Everyone’ along the National Cycle Network, helping more people to walk and cycle.

The new hardstone surface provides more grip than a standard tarmac finish, meaning it’s better for horse riders, as well as other users. It also features an innovative tree route protection system so the trees are cared for at the same time.

We’ve rebuilt and reinforced areas of the riverbank, improved drainage along the traffic-free path, and planted more vegetation and wildflowers too.

The 170-mile Hadrian’s Cycle Way runs from Ravenglass to South Shields and is part of the National Cycle Network. Sustrans’ 2018 Paths for Everyone report found that almost half the UK’s 12,700 mile Network was poor or very poor. Sustrans is now working with independent charities like ours, and local authorities across the UK, to improve path surfaces, signage and connectivity to other routes, and – where possible – alter or remove barriers.

Carol Pyrah, Chief Executive of Urban Green Newcastle, said: “As well as improving the pathways on Hadrian’s Cycleway to make it more enjoyable for people to use, we’ve also repaired sections of the riverbank, installed a new tree route protection system, and added more planting and wildflowers to the area.

“Horse riders using Tyne Riverside Country Park will find the new surface provides a lot more grip than standard tarmac, which is an added benefit for pedestrians and cyclists too, as the paths will feel less slippery under foot, especially in wet weather.

“Hadrian’s Cycleway passes through two of Newcastle’s parks and attracts hundreds of thousands of walkers, wheelers, cyclists and leisure visitors every year. It’s fantastic to see this world famous route improved for the benefit of local people and visitors to our area.”

Paul Adams, Network Development Manager for the North East said: “These two sections of Hadrian’s Cycleway are particularly popular spots for walking, cycling and wheeling, for leisure and commuting. Regular users will be able to enjoy a much smoother, wider path than before, giving more space for people to walk, wheel and cycle their journeys.

“We’re working across the UK to try and improve sections of the National Cycle Network so that more people of all abilities can enjoy these paths.”

Local residents Alex and Claire Parker regularly walk along the path with their son. Alex said: “The path was really bad before – it was uneven and there were loads of potholes. In the winter it was really difficult to walk along. We don’t cycle but this will be better for (our son’s) scooter.”

Richard Moss, who was on a cycling trip from Bardon Mill to Newcastle said. “I do this trip a few times a year and I know the path was a bit ropey in places. I noticed when I was here last week that it was a renewed surface and it’s much better now. It’s great for bikes, you can get past people much easier, especially at weekends when there are obviously a lot of people on foot.”