World Photo Day 2022

Rachel - Paddy Freemans Photo

Today is #WorldPhotographyDay, so we asked our team to share their favourite photo or photos from Newcastle’s green spaces.

Michael Hancock – Ranger

Mike is out and about in the parks everyday and had a hard time choosing his top pictures. He managed to whittle it down to three:

“I took this in the heatwave a couple of weeks ago inside the old windmill in Armstrong Park. It’s a nice shot but was also a moment of blessed relief from the glaring sun, surrounded by the cool stone walls of the old building. Also like it because it’s a locked area so only those of us lucky enough to work in the park ever get to see this view.”

Mike - Sawfly Photo

“I’ve got a computer full of pictures of blurred and barely recognisable insects so it was nice to get a nearly focused shot of this Turnip Sawfly (Athalia rosea) and the raindrop is a nice addition.”

Mike - Entloma Photo

“This photo demonstrates that even in an urban park, nature can show you new and fascinating things if you spend a bit of time and look a little closer.
It is an unusual fungus called Entoloma versatile and possibly one of the rarest native organisms in the UK, this photo proves I am one of less than 40 people to have a confirmed record of this species in the last 150 years…
These specimens which I found in Armstrong Park a few years ago now reside in the Fungarium collection at Kew. Really cool to think my name is on a little card in one the world’s greatest Mycological collections alongside specimens collected by Charles Darwin.”

Jack White – Engagement Coordinator

Jack - Blossom

“Here’s one of my favourite images of blossom in Iris Brickfield. The blossom is absolutely incredible during the blossom season here and there is an explosion of colour which really makes this small park on the edge of Heaton such a hidden gem. It is definitely one of the best sites for blossom across the city.”

Robyn Caple – Community Gardener

Robyn - Mushroom Photo

“This is by far my favourite photo I’ve taken in one of the parks I look after. It’s of a Tubaria furfuracea mushroom in Elswick Park. It was as tall as the grass at the time which was roughly 6cm tall. 

I love hunting for unique planta, mushrooms, or bugs in the parks and this one managed to catch my eye. I’m grateful that my personal phone can take great close-up photos. 

Kim Forster – Executive Assistant

Kim loves to take shots of nature when she’s exploring on the weekends. Here are three of her top photos of insects she’s found on her adventures…

Maddie Benton – Ranger

Our ranger Maddie shared these two beautiful photos of leaves taken while she was working in the parks. One is a pretty impressive Red Oak leaf and the Elm lead caught her eye because it has been feasted on from the inside out…

Maddie - Boy Cat

She also shared this great photo of “Boy Cat”, who regularly visits our ranger team at their base in Heaton Park.

Rachel Faichnie

Rachel - Paddy Freemans Photo

“Here is one of my favourite photos. It’s taken in Paddy Freeman’s Park looking down onto Jesmond Dene. It is one of my favourite views when I walk up to get a coffee from Urban Green Café. I love that there is nothing in sight but trees and the river poking through them, for a moment you forget you are in a city.”

Amelia Hain Porter – Customer Service Assistant

“Me and my friends enjoyed quite a lot of Jesmond Dene walks over lockdown. We managed to catch some really pretty spots in the sunshine.”

Amelia - Ricky

Amelia also shared this fab photo of the day her family dog Ricky joined them to explore the park. He managed to look cool in his neckerchief despite the heat!

Do you have a favourite photo of one of Newcastle’s green spaces that you’d like to share? Don’t forget to tag @urbangreenncl on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay.