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Harbottle Park

At the heart of Byker, Harbottle Park is an important neighbourhood park with four unique gateways created by nationally-acclaimed artists 


Harbottle Park was redeveloped in 2010 with funding through Big Lottery and the local community was key to deciding how the park should be refurbished.

New flowers, trees and shrubs were planted to create a natural habitat for birds and wildlife and the park was given new play equipment and footpaths as well as improvements to the football pitches which are well used by local teams of all ages.

New gateways, designed by four nationally-acclaimed artists who worked with the local community, were also installed to create welcoming and interesting entrances to the park.

'The Light Clock' by Aether & Hemera Studio – an interactive lighting feature that signals the time using dynamic LED lighting, with the colours chosen by families from Byker.

'Coloured Maze' by Aether & Hemera Studio and Alan Vaughan - was created through workshops with young people. The steel structure casts shadows during the day and lights up at night to create an interesting and warm welcome to the park.

Play Area Feature by Alan Vaughan - incorporates the original cobbles from the back lanes of Tyneside streets and polished stainless steel etched with the names and ages of those who took part in the workshops.

'The Crowd' by Graeme Mitcheson tells the story of the strong sense of community and the love of football. The two stone columns have direct sight lines to St James' Park and highlight the city's passion for Newcastle United.

Lighting Clock artwork by Aether & Hemera - photo credit: Jason Thompson
Coloured Maze artwork by Aether & Hemera and Alan Vaughan - photo credit: Jason Thompson

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Walker Road

There is a perimeter footpath which provides good access around the park 

Harbottle Park is a great community park and popular for football and informal recreation. The play area is great for famillies. 

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