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A nature haven in the heart of Heaton

Iris Brickfield

This popular community park in the heart of Heaton is a nature and wildlife haven.


This popular community park is a nature and wildlife haven. The large wildflower meadow and pond is thriving with wildlife and a great spot for pond dipping. The willow arch as you approach the pond is a stunning feature of the park.

The wetland area attracts many species of birds, insects, frogs and bats and the community orchard is maintained by the Friends of Iris Brickfield and Groundwork. 

There are two play areas for families and plenty of open grassy areas for a kick about. The network of footpaths makes the park a popular spot for dog walking and with runners. 



Did you know...?

Parts of Iris Brickfield once belonged to East Heaton Farm; this was one of a number of farms in Heaton in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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Whitefield Terrace / Rothbury Terrace

There is on street parking at Rothbury Terrace  

Chillingham Road

There is a good network of footpaths that run through the park that are suitable for prams or wheelchairs. The pond dipping platform is not suitable for people with mobility issues.

Iris Brickfield park is the perfect place to get back to nature. The Friends of Iris Brickfield Park run community events and activities throughout the year. 

There aren't any toilets within Iris Brickfield park

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