Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene


Jesmond Dene is the jewel in the crown of Newcastle’s parks and green spaces. The Dene is packed full of historic and natural features and masses of wildlife, flowers and ancient woodland for everyone to enjoy.


Jesmond Dene is an ancient woodland and of geological interest. The dominant tree species are English, with a mix of exotic species. Wildlife can be found in abundance – with otters, kingfishers and dippers known to have breeding sites on the river.

The excellent network of paths, connecting the dene to neighbouring Ouseburn parks makes this park popular with dog walkers, runners and walkers looking to get away from it all.


The River Ouseburn was used to power the mills of the industrial revolution. You will find evidence of the area’s industrial heritage within the Dene today. By 1862 William Armstrong had purchased most of the Dene and had built his house (Jesmond Dene House) and transformed the dene into his private garden, creating waterfalls, a grotto and planting many exotic trees and shrubs. In 1883 Armstrong gifted his garden back to the people of Newcastle and it was officially opened to the public in 1884.

Pets Corner

The Dene is home to Pets Corner. The popular attraction opened in the 1960s and continues to delight families with young children. Next door you will find the Visitor Centre which includes a gift shop, café, classroom, toilets and meetings space. There is a play area next to Pets Corner, designed and built as part of the Ouseburn Parks Lottery Project in 2011. 

Did you know?

The Dene is home to Pets Corner which is FREE to enter.

Getting Here

Parking in Jesmond Dene, along Red Walk, with disabled spaces close to the visitor centre. You can also park on Benton Bank.

The nearest bus stop is on Heat Jesmond Dene Road / Freeman Road.

The nearest Metro is Jesmond / West Jesmond (for Pets’ Corner and the Visitor Centre) Illford Road is closer to the North end of the Dene.


There is an excellent network of footpaths that run through the park that are suitable for prams or wheelchairs. Due to the geography of Jesmond Dene, many of the paths are steep and unsuitable for wheelchairs. However, there are some flatter routes, such as alongside the River.

Things to do for grown ups

Whatever the weather, spending time in Jesmond Dene will not disappoint. Get away from day-to-day life, clear your head after a night, go for a run in stunning surroundings or just pick up a good book and spend the day in the sunshine.

Things to do for families

Families are spoilt for choice in Jesmond Dene. Go on a nature trail, play pooh sticks on one of the many bridges over the River Ouseburn, visit Pets’ Corner or try pond dipping in the nature area. 

Food and Drink

There is a café at the Visitor Centre, or why not treat yourself to afternoon tea at Jesmond Dene House. There is a picnic area and plenty of benches and seating to enjoy a bite to eat and watch the world go by. 


There are toilets within the Visitor Centre and also at the picnic field near the waterfall.