Educational Visits

Our education sessions are free of charge, thanks to funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, and available to book today. 

Our outdoor learning sessions are designed to allow your class to discover and interact with nature in their local green space, learning more about plants, pollinators, and their conservation. With cross-curricular links to the English curriculum, these sessions are a great way for your class to learn outside the classroom and experience the natural world first-hand.  

Our sessions include a visit to your local Urban Green Park, however, where this is not possible, we can deliver our sessions on your school grounds. The sessions are usually two hours long but can be adapted to suit your needs. 

KS1 – Follow the Buzz

This session is designed to educate and enthuse your pupils about pollinators and flowering plants. Your pupils will have the opportunity to explore the outdoors and ‘follow the buzz’, searching for insect and flower species in different habitats and broadly identifying them with our species identification guides. After learning that we can help pollinators by providing more food and shelter, your pupils will have the chance to make their own seed bomb, which they can either plant on your school grounds or in their own garden.

KS1 – Park Explorers

This session inspires and encourages your pupils to explore different habitats within a green space and discover the multitude of life they support. Your pupils will become park explorers for the day, hunting for existing habitats and recording what they find. We encourage pupil’s thinking skills by asking what animals prefer a damp, dark habitat or who will you find perched on a flower feeding on nectar. Your class will then have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and sow some flowering seeds in their local park or on your school grounds.

KS2 – Homes for Bees

Armed with a map of the park and a habitat ID sheet, your pupils will have the chance to explore their local green space, identifying pollinator habitats that already exist and spotting opportunities for creating more. This session encourages pupils to think about what different pollinators might need in order to thrive in our parks and what we can do to provide more habitat for them. Your pupils will then have the opportunity to use their creativity and design skills to make their own bee hotel, which they can take home and hang in their own garden to attract solitary bees and other minibeasts.

KS2 – What’s on the Nectar Menu?

This session will encourage your pupils to think more about why and how plants attract different pollinators. Do you think insects are attracted to bright petals? Or perhaps a sweet scent. Your pupils will get the chance to explore their local green space, searching for different species of flowers and examining their characteristics, and trying to spot a few flower-visiting insects along the way! Afterwards, your pupils will have the opportunity to make their own seed bomb, which they can either plant on your school grounds or in their own garden to help create more flower habitat for pollinators.


If you have any queries that aren’t answered in our FAQs you can contact us at

Does the class teacher need to be present?

When visiting one of our parks, we ask that there is one adult from the school per 6 pupils for KS1 and one adult per 8 pupils for KS2. School staff must be present at all times to supervise the class. Our Urban Green representative cannot be left alone with the children. 

How do we find our school’s local Urban Green Newcastle park?

Click here to see the full list of our parks and find the one nearest to you. Please note that not all our parks have toilet facilities. Once you have completed the online enquiry form our team can discuss location options with you. 

Do you cover transport costs if we need to travel to the park?

As a charity we do not have the funding to cover any transport costs. However, our Beelines education sessions are free of charge thanks to funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. We manage numerous parks around the city so there may be one located within walking distance to your school. If not, we can run our sessions on your school grounds.  

How many sessions can we book?

We can run sessions with any class from Reception to Year 6. We are happy to run more than one session in your school. When completing out online enquiry form you can enquire about booking multiple sessions.

What happens if there is bad weather?

We take children out in all but the most extreme weather. We can easily adapt our sessions to fit a rainy day. However, please get in touch if you have any concerns regarding any upcoming weather.

Got a question or query?

Find out what’s on, report an issue, enquire about holding an event in one of our parks or become a volunteer, complete a simple form and we will be in touch very soon.