Activities at Springbank Pavilion

As part of the Springbank Pavilion programme, we have commissioned a series of creative activities, centred in nature, that you can take part in anytime, anywhere. We have worked with artists based in the North East to help us feel more connected to nature. 

You don’t need any specialist equipment or materials to join in the activity. You can try the activities with others or by yourself, at home, in the hospital, on a walk, or even on the bus. 

Here are some of the things you may need: a pen / a piece of paper / colouring pencils / a device for playback such as a mobile phone, or tablet / headphones or speaker / natural materials such as leaves, pebbles, pinecones

Perhaps you’d like to try an activity that is new to you? Don’t worry if you think you can’t draw or aren’t creative… there are such a variety of activities on offer, we are sure something will appeal to you!

We have copies of a printed booklet, along with materials to undertake the activities included. To find out how to get craft materials and copies of the booklet for your area, please contact, Arts Programme Manager, Newcastle Hospitals Charity. 

Introducing… Sheree Angela Matthews

Sheree is inviting us to venture into nature, and offers prompts for writing. Find time to be in nature, within our own minds, through memory and imagination, or if you can, try venturing outside.

Introducing… Lady Kitt

Kitt takes us through the instructions for making a leaf garland. Perhaps you may have spotted a statue in Leazes Park with a similar headdress? Remember—it doesn’t need to be perfect—we’re all just trying to do something new!

Springbank Activities
David de la Haye

Introducing… David de la Haye

David invites us to take a journey through the sounds of Newcastle’s city parks.

If you are able, pop on some headphones – what can you hear? Imagine yourself in the parks, breathing in that fresh air.

Introducing… Sofia Barton

Sofia asks us to take 5, find time to draw and spend time recalling what we enjoy.

If you can, pick up a pen and a piece of paper, or some pebbles, leaves and twigs, and have a go at different activities.

Introducing… Pui Lee

Make your own Origami Tulip Flower with Artist Pui Lee

About our artists…

Find out more about the artists behind our self-led activities.